Bosaddo by Jurgita Dronina collection | Black "Carve Your Own Path" blouse


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Exclusive BOSADDO by Jurgita Dronina T-shirt with the quote “Carve your own path” suggests - thateach of us are responsible for our own future.

This T-shirt is made of carefully selected cotton fabric.It doesn't restrict any movement and gives a feeling of luxurious comfort. This jumper perfectly suits for ballet, contemporary and ballroom dances, gymnastics as well as sports, gym training or just casual wear.

BOSADDO by Jurgita Dronina collection – clothing with a purpose. 10% of each sold product profit will go to Jurgita Dronina foundation which supports talented students. Everyone wearing BOSADDO by Jurgita Dronina will be contributing to our mission.

Handpicked selection of materials, ergonomic design and tailor made variety of sports / dance wear is created by world renowned ballerina Jurgita Dronina and curated by BOSADDO.



50% cotton and 50% viscose




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