Bosaddo by Jurgita Dronina collection | Heat retaining double black shorts


These double shorts are extremely comfortable in active movement. These shorts are made of carefully selected heat-retaining black fabric and the highest quality elastic material as under layer. They don't restrict any movement and give a feeling of luxurious comfort. They perfectly suit for ballet, contemporary and ballroom dances, for skating, yoga, pilates as well as gym training and sports.

BOSADDO by Jurgita Dronina collection – clothing with a purpose. 10% from the profit of each sold product will go to Jurgita Dronina foundation which will support talented students globally. Everyone wearing BOSADDO by Jurgita Dronina will be contributing to our mission.

Handpicked selection of materials, ergonomic design and tailor made variety of sports / dance wear is created by world renowned ballerina Jurgita Dronina and curated by BOSADDO.


  • Maintains the temperature of the body during the warm-up
  • Ensures free movement
  • Soft & smooth premium fabric
  • The special fabric isolates the heat of body and prevents injuries
  • Hand made with love in EU


100% polyester microfibre



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