About the Jurgita Dronina project & foundation

It is one of my greatest motivations to find a way to contribute and to enhance the abilities of young talented students by inspiring them to believe that any goal can be reached with focus , practice and unbreakable determination while consistently moving towards their dreams!

I believe my clothing line will reflect strength of personality, determination, individuality and artistry. I hope this collaboration with Bosaddo will provide new opportunities, to the most gifted students globally, to take their careers further.


With this foundation I wish to inspire, mentor and support talent. Coming from a family that had to struggle to meet basic needs, but believed I should follow my heart and my necessity to dance, it is my genuine wish to help grow, develop and inspire those blessed with the gift of dance, but are less fortunate in being able to take steps towards achieving their full potential.

Everyone wearing Bosaddo by Jurgita Dronina clothing line - will be directly contributing to our mission to support talented students globally on their journey of becoming professional ballet artists. Profits from Bosaddo by JD go to Jurgita Dronina Foundation. 

Sincerely Yours,
Jurgita Dronina